Helping Highlight Diversity In The Beauty Industry

Nazarr was founded on a typical girls weekend getaway. Our story started when friends asked eyeshadow enthusiast Ruby Kular to create glamorous eye looks before stepping out for the night.  Having to use multiple palettes, one of Ruby’s besties asked a simple question “is there just one palette that has all the everyday perfect shades for Indians?”.  That was Ruby’s aha moment and Nazarr was born.  After conducting numerous surveys we found there were hundreds of women in the same boat as Ruby’s girlfriends, all looking for just one go to palette they can use for work, gno’s, wedding glam and everything in between.  All these women had one major fact in common: none of them were makeup artist and all of them were busy on the go women juggling careers, families or both.

The recent launch of Nazarr not only allowed Ruby to unleash her passion, but it’s also helping build an underrepresented community in the beauty industry with the hopes of having major beauty brands not just highlight more South Asians but truly be multicultural.