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Vitamin C Revitalize Serum


This light, easily absorbable, super-fine silky serum brings high concentrations of valuable vitamin C esters directly to the skin on a daily basis.  A must have in any mature skin regime.  Featuring organic aloe, organic jojoba oil, organic neem oil, shea butter, omega 3 & 6-enriched rosehip oils with antioxidant loaded organic cranberry, raspberry and blueberry extracts and clarifying white willow bark.   SKIN TYPE...

Jade Crystal Gua Sha


While the industry is busy experimenting with chemicals and innovative battery powered tools, Jivani by Nazarr is taking it back to the old school ways.  After months of extensive research, we decided to incorporate a Gua Sha - a jade crystal, in our skin care regimen, a technique used by Ancient China.  This CERTIFIED jade crystal stone is designed to encourage...

Vitamin C Cream


Our all Natural & Organic cream is packed with Vitamin C Esters and Coconut Oil that your skin craves.  Our Vitamin C Cream is very light for a quick absorption helping balance, brighten and revitalize dry, listless skin leaving your skin silky, soft and glowing. SKIN TYPE Mature, Dry, or Sensitive skin HOW TO USE Moisturize your face and neck every...

Clarifying Exfoliator With Turmeric


Enriched with Turmeric & Papaya extracts, this exfoliator is absolutely perfect for all skin types.  The gentle jojoba beads help uncover your gorgeous, clarified skin while giving you intense hydration.  This is a calming cleanser that is specially targeted toward chaotic, unhappy skin needing a deep but nourishing cleanse.  Leaves skin looking clear and balanced.   SKIN TYPE Normal; Combination  HOW...

Rejuvenating Serum With CBD


Premium ingredients like Organic Jojaba Oil, Chia Seeds & Turmeric combined with delicate jasmine absolute, this serum is a luxurious oil designed to pamper and deliver high doses of antioxidants, amino acids, hydration and 300mg of CBD.  This rich & royal serum helps to reduce blemishes/acne, redness, & dullness, in addition to delivering a constant rejuvenated glow. SKIN TYPE Normal; Combination  HOW...