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Raksana - Evil Eye Necklace Raksana - Evil Eye Necklace

Raksana - Evil Eye Necklace

$35.00 $19.99

'Raksana' in Gujarati means Protection.  Keep the protective gaze of the Evil Eye over you with our 11'' Evil Eye necklace  18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Adorned with a Black Zircon gemstone

High Shine Lipgloss - Be My Premee/Be My Lover


Our High Shine Lip glosses create a glassy, luminous effect that slide on ultra smooth, leaving your lips feeling super moisturized and silky. Be My Premee means Be My Lover, which is the perfect nude lip gloss for every skin tone, especially melanin skin tones.

Jade Crystal Gua Sha


While the industry is busy experimenting with chemicals and innovative battery powered tools, Jivani by Nazarr is taking it back to the old school ways.  After months of extensive research, we decided to incorporate a Gua Sha - a jade crystal, in our skin care regimen, a technique used by Ancient China.  This CERTIFIED jade crystal stone is designed to encourage...

evil eye bracelet evil eye bracelet

Karma - Evil Eye Link Bracelet

$25.00 $18.00

Protect yourself and the ones you love with our chic Evil Eye Gold Link bracelet.   18k gold plated Certified Sterling Silver base  Pendant with CZ diamond and black stone clusters

Rejuvenating Serum With CBD


Premium ingredients like Organic Jojaba Oil, Chia Seeds & Turmeric combined with delicate jasmine absolute, this serum is a luxurious oil designed to pamper and deliver high doses of antioxidants, amino acids, hydration and 300mg of CBD.  This rich & royal serum helps to reduce blemishes/acne, redness, & dullness, in addition to delivering a constant rejuvenated glow. SKIN TYPE Normal; Combination  HOW...