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Our Passion Is Enhancing Your Beauty

You are BEAUTIFUL! All we do is provide you with easy to use products to enhance what you already have. We love how different colors & shades can compliment your features.

Love Yourself

How We Got Started

Nazarr was started by South Asian moms who have an extreme passion for makeup, specifically eye shadows. Their aha moment came when friends wished there was one palette with all the classic colors that complemented Indian skin tones. They asked and we delivered!


Nazarr officially decided to take the plunge and start the process of formulating eyeshadow colors & textures. This decision was made by 3 crucial factors:


With heightened nerves we officially launched our website on April 15, 2019 with the creation of The Classic Palette; a unique patent pending palette design with 18 highly pigmented colors. We immediately received an overwhelming positive response which assured us even further that we had made the right decision in pursuing our passion. Since then we were approached by many different brands & influencers applauding the use of culture into our brand, that we decided to build a platform to highlight more South Asians in the beauty industry. Stay tuned for our blog/magazine that empowers multiculturalism.